Sunday, 1 May 2016

Picking up the ball again

So with good intentions, I set out on a journey to learn Mandarin. Remember that? Well mate, BIG changes threw up a barrier to that great aspiration.

Maybe I already mentioned that I'm living in Siberia right now. It turned out that we had to duck home to Australia for new visas during last year. Rather than coming back to Siberia as a student again, I found myself a teaching job and here we all are, back in Siberia, on a working visa!


Well of course, that means I've been busy teaching English, rather than learning Mandarin!

Teaching English has been a huge learning curve for me, and my first year is about to come to a close. But along the way I've learnt a whole ton of things that I can apply to my own language-learning experience.

Those experiences will be exploited as I resume my previous challenge to learn Mandarin Chinese.

The good news now is that Summer holidays will begin very soon and I'll have a stack more time invest in stuff I want to do (as opposed to slaving over a hot keyboard preparing lesson plans).

Mandarin is one of those things I want to do.

So don't go away! Especially if you're a fellow learner. Let's continue on this Journey Into Mandarin Chinese together!